Private Coach


  • Jodie coaches actors on audition material for TV, film, or theater.
  • She also coaches actors on monologue prep for acting school or college admissions.


  • Jodie works with directors or writers who want to understand more about how actors work. She offers guidance on how to direct actors and teaches techniques and concepts that inspire actors to do their best work.
  • She also offers private coaching with actors on set.
  • She currently teaches DIRECTING ACTORS levels 1, 2, and 3 at Columbia University in the MFA Film Program in the School of the Arts.

Private sessions offered in NYC or by Skype
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~“Jodie made acting and directing real for me, and I feel like she opened my eyes to how much more there is to learn from experience, and that you can intellectualize a scene as much as you want, but ultimately you need to work the scene with the actors and find moments, realizations, and behaviors that come from truly experiencing the scene.”

~”Jodie is fantastic. She treats working with actors like a real cooperative experience. She emphasized helping the actors to make discoveries, whereas in other classes I felt like we were being led into ‘manipulating’ the actors into doing ‘what we want.’ But Jodie helped me realize it’s much better to give the actors the support they need, and let them do the work. It’s a much more trusting approach to acting, and I found that the actors universally appreciate that.”

~”Jodie is one of the sweetest people on the planet. She really cares about her students and creates a safe place for them and their actors to work and explore. She’s great with actors, too. She won’t push you to turn a scene into something you don’t want, but will listen to you and the class to help bring out what you’re looking for. I can’t recommend her enough.”

~“Jodie’s positive reinforcement and spirit and knowledge all grouped together make the class a fun rich environment.”

~“She knows exactly what to say to have it make sense to first time directors.”

~Jodie “is very enthusiastic and attentive to each individual in class… She has taught us very helpful tools to directing actors, I particularly like the pointers on giving clear and minimal directions to actors in an adjustment. The acting exercises also helped us to see how simple adjustments are able to change an actor’s entire performance or interpretation of a scene. These acting exercises are very insightful and gives me a good sense of how to present my directions to professional actors.

~“Honestly I learned so much… Jodie’s knowledge and experience is more than enough. Her sharing stories from her career was so helpful and practical.”

~“Jodie is not only an inspiring, engaged and incredible instructor but a lovely person. This was such a wonderful class to come to every week largely due to Jodie’s presence.”




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